Data Governance Questionnaire.

1. Do you know who is responsible for your data governance?*
2. Who is liable for data governance?:*
3. Do you know where your data is stored?:*
4. Do you know who has access to your data?:*
5. Do you have any data that is GDPR protected?:*
6. Have you ever had a data breach?:*
7. Does your current System / Service provider notify you of a Data Breach?::
8. How long do you have to inform ICO of Serious Data Breach?:*
9. Which of the following Service or Services do you currently use:*
10. How many user accounts do you have?:*
11. Do you know the geographical location of your data / backup data?:*
12. Do you back up your data anywhere else?:*
13. How often is your data backed up?:
14. Do you know where your data is backed up?:*
15. Is any company data stored on portable devices such as …. disk drives , USB flash?:
16. Does your company have a regular backup proceedure or policy?:
17. Does your organisation have a data security policy?:
18. Does your organisation have a password policy?:
19. Do you know what live data refers to?:*
20. Do you know how much of your data is live data?:*
21. Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan?:*
22. Does your organisation have internet security installed to all workstation?:
23. Do you have any SPAM or Malicious Mail filters or systems?:*
24. Do you know if your Organisation deploys security software updates?:
25. Does your organisation have a Firewalls?:
26. Internet Connectivity?:
27. Network Infrastructure?:
28. Is your staff trained to decern what a rogue email looks like?:*
29. Does your staff know what to do with rogue data?:*
30. Where would you place your company data security at this moment? :
31. In your opinion are your Data systems adequate?:*
32. Which of the following statements would you feel is correct?:
33. Have you had any data governance training?:*
34. Which of the following is referred to as a Business Killer?:*
35. Where to go from here?:
36. Did you feel uncomfortable answering any of these questions?:*
Company Type:*
Company Name:
Name of Person Completing the form:
Best Contact Number:

If you could not answer any of these questions then you need to seek advice for Data management / Governance immediately as your organisation may be at risk if an audit is conducted on your organisation and you may be subjected to fines or other action.

I agree that all the information here is accurate and submit this for review against our services. This is not part of an audit, this is part of a help scheme to ensure if an audit is conducted by any party that you have the correct answers and responses when asked and are protected against prosecution in any way. PLEASE BE AWARE IGNORANCE OF DATA GOVERNANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE.

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